QO-100 ... Counting DXCC's
Posted by Matthias, LA0FA on tirsdag 20. april 2021

I would like to publicly thank the Qatar Satellite Company (Es'HailSat), the Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS) and AMSAT Deutschland (AMSAT-DL) for their joint effort to create Qatar Oscar 100 (hosted on Es'HailSat-2 satellite).

Having been active on QO-100 since November 2020, I have been able to work 72 DXCC entities, and today I joined the QO-100 DX Club, and filed for the the first step of a series of awards, starting with the Bronze Award.

Russian District Awards
Posted by Matthias, LA0FA on lørdag 20. mars 2021

The "RDA" program is established to encourage confirmed contacts with the greatest variety of areas in Russia.


I am honoured to be awarded for the fist 100 confirmed districts.

LA0FA active on Low Orbit Satellites
Posted by Matthias, LA0FA on lørdag 28. november 2020

During this summer I have been active on some of the low orbit satellites ... RS-44, AO-7, XW-2, AO-92, AO-91.

The picture shows my antenna setup with a 70cm and a 2m band X-Quad as well as the azimuth/elevation rotator. IC-9700 is the transceiver deployed for this operation. Antenna and doppler effect receiver control is automated with the MacDoppler software.

LA0FA QRV on the QO-100 Satellite
Posted by Matthias, LA0FA on onsdag 25. november 2020

I am now QRV on QO-100, Es'Hail satellite, the worlds first geostationary transponder for amateur radio service. I have invested in new equipment to make this possible:

  • Kuhne Up-Converter, 144 MHz to 2.4 GHz
  • Kuhne Down-Converter, 10 GHz to 433 MHz
  • 85cm offset dish (pic) with a DJ7GP dual-feed for 10GHz and 2.4GHz

I operate with my Icom IC-9700.

Picture shows the 85cm offset dish with the mounted DJ7GP dual feed for 10GHz downlink and 2.4GHz uplink frequencies. Elevation here from south east Norway to the satellite is 21 degs.

CW - the noble art of communication.....
Posted by Matthias, LA0FA on søndag 15. april 2012
Newest gadget in the equipment room: Begali CW key ... what a nice and elegant way to send CW !

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